Aussie Kids Karate

A unique martial arts training program
aimed at developing critical motor skills and co-ordination.
Improve Concentration
Develop Self Defence Skills
Increase Physical Fitness
Establish a habit of Goal Setting

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Learn Confidence Building Self Defense
Develop Knowledge of Personal Safety
Obtain Recognition for Achievement
About Us
Aussie Kids Karate as its name suggests is a program designed for young students (4-12 years)

The Aussie Kids Karate Program is based on the martial art form of Renbukan Karate which is of the Shito-Ryu style, one of the four original forms of karate. Renbukan was introduced into Australia in 1974 by renowned Japanese Karate Master, Mr Katsumi Iba. The Renbukan icon is pictured above as a closed fist. Our Program gives the child the opportunity to sample the basic elements of traditional martial arts. Basic self defence skills and strategies are also taught as well as an introduction to martial arts weapons.

Chief Instructor, Shihan Mike Jordan (5th Dan Black Belt) has been involved in martial arts for over 45 years and is now training second and third generation parents and children. Accompanying Mike are qualified and experienced teachers with a natural talent for bringing out the best in each child.

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Our Program

Grading & Competitions
Merit Badges
Gladiator Games
A unique part of the Aussie Kids Karate program is the use of  Achievement Badges to denote success in
​a certain area of their martial arts training, in a similar manner to the Scouts Association. The issue of badges is designed to give the children short term goals to achieve whilst simultaneously working  towards the long-term goal of attaining their black belt.
The Aussie Kids Karate program is like no other martial arts system that you may have encountered. Martial Games have been developed to allow our members to have fun whilst developing essential skills for success not only in the martial arts but in any other physical activity that they may be involved  in. These skills include co-ordination, balance, strength and various defensive strategies.
With 20 branches across the region, our quarterly competitions give our members the opportunity to test their skills against members from our various other Clubs. The competitors are matched against members of similar age, grade, size and experience and vie for Gladiator Medals. The competitions also have social benefits and our members develop friendships with other members from across the Darling Downs

* Fully accreditied with National Caoching Accreditation Scheme

 * Australian Sports Commission's Active After School Communites 

* Registered with Dept. of Sport's "Get started" program
(Get Started Vouchers)

Our Sensei
  1. Shihan Mike Jordan 5th Dan
    Shihan Mike Jordan 5th Dan
    Chief Instructor Darling Heights - Wilsonton - Highfields Gatton
  2. Sensie Dann Luker 3rd Dan
    Sensie Dann Luker 3rd Dan
    Assistant Instructor Head Competition Coach Mater Dei
  3. Sensei Roma Luker 2nd Dan
    Sensei Roma Luker 2nd Dan
    Senior Instructor Mt Lofty - Harristown - Rangeville - Wilsonton - Gatton - Highfields
  4. Sensei David Webster 3rd Dan
    Sensei David Webster 3rd Dan
    Senior Instructor Allora - Warwick - Clifton
  5. Sensei Nick Bennett 2nd Dan
    Sensei Nick Bennett 2nd Dan
    Senior Instructor Glennie - Millmerran - Dalby
  6. Sensei William Campbell 2nd Dan
    Sensei William Campbell 2nd Dan
    Senior Instructor Roma
  7. Sensei Brian Schidnit 1st Dan
    Sensei Brian Schidnit 1st Dan
    Senior Instructor Chinchilla
  8. Sensei Sam William 2nd Dan
    Sensei Sam William 2nd Dan
    Instructor St Anthony's
  9. Sempai Kalea 1st Kyu
    Sempai Kalea 1st Kyu
    Instructor Pittsworth
  10. Sempai Lilly Grant 1st Kyu
    Sempai Lilly Grant 1st Kyu
    Instructor Pittsworth - Mater Dei